Safety in Medical Care

The SARAH Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals renders specialized treatment to all members of the population, and prioritizes medical care given at the highest level of excellence.  The institutional culture is founded on treating the human being as the proponent of the intervention, rather than as a mere object of its technical application.  Interdisciplinary work, humanized treatment, patient safety, quality of its techniques and processes, as well as the management of technology are among the Network’s governing principles.



In accordance with Brazilian and international guidelines, SARAH regularly oversees and monitors any possible risks, with the goal of preventing and mitigating adverse incidents. This offers the patient, family, visitors and professionals greater safety and confidence in the treatment services.


The Patient Safety Program was created with the knowledge gathered from evidence-based research and experience developed during the expansion of the SARAH Network, and founded on the highest standards of safety and quality, an interdisciplinary approach, exclusive commitment of its professionals, individualized treatment, and guided by the six goals recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).


International goals for patient safety 
 1. Correctly identify the patient
 2. Communicate effectively
 3. Safety in prescribing, dispensing, preparing, and administering medications
 4. Safe surgery
 5. Prevent healthcare-associated infections
 6. Prevent falls and bedsores



Additional protocols implemented by the SARAH Network


  • Hand hygiene;
  • Safety in prescribing and administering blood and blood components;
  • Safety in handling equipment and materials;
  • Safety in effectively reporting the use of orthoses and prostheses;
  • Safety in enteral and parenteral nutritional therapy;
  • Stimulation of the patient, family and caregiver’s participation in healthcare offered at SARAH;
  • Safety in the hospital environment.


The activities and measures adopted by the SARAH Network have yielded extremely positive results, among which is the infection rate, lower than those established by national and international organizations.  Another relevant indicator is the rate of patient satisfaction with the treatment they receive, approximately 98% positive, according to studies performed several times a year.  These results, along with the other guidelines in the patient safety protocols, demonstrate the high level of quality in the medical care rendered by the SARAH Network.


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