Our History

  • The public interest civil society called "Pioneiras Sociais [Social Pioneers]" is born


  • SARAH Kubitschek Rehabilitation Center is inaugurated

    With the goal of providing Brasilia with a modern rehabilitation center, the Pioneiras Sociais Foundation establishes a rehabilitation center in the new capital, inaugurated on April 21, 1960 by President Juscelino Kubitschek.



  • Origins of the SARAH project

    The seed for the Community Board is planted, to provide political support for the project.  Aloysio Campos da Paz Júnior, MD, becomes Director of the SARAH Kubitschek Rehabilitation Center and develops the ideas that emerged from his training at Oxford University.

  • Expansion of the Center

    The expanded Rehabilitation Center, also operating as a 66-bed surgical hospital, treats the populations of Brasilia as well as Brazil’s northern, northeastern and midwestern regions.

  • Project is approved

    The Ministry of Health and Federal Planning Board approve the project that includes a future full-service hospital.  In addition to treatment programs, this center will train corps of human resources, develop techniques and equipment, and coordinate, at a later date, a national network of specialized hospitals.

  • The team is formed

    The training of new professionals begins.  They will experience the SARAH ideals and help consolidate the implementation of the future Network.


  • Exclusive Commitment

    A multidisciplinary team comprised of professionals from different health care fields dedicate themselves exclusively and on a full-time basis to their work at the SARAH Network, which leads to a corps of professionals who are deeply committed to the institution.

  • SARAH is inaugurated

    On September 12, SARAH becomes a reality and is inaugurated by the President of Brazil.


  • Law is passed

    On June 25, Congress approves a law that transforms the previous Pioneiras Sociais Foundation into an Association that will enable the expansion of the SARAH Network.

    The Board of Directors, initially comprising members of the Pioneiras Sociais Foundation’s Community Board, govern the new Association’s decisions.

  • SARAH São Luís


    The Network launches its expansion and offers more services to the Brazilian population.

    The SARAH Network expands its activities by inaugurating facilities in São Luís, in the state of Maranhão, to treat the population of northern Brazil.

  • Expansion of the Network

    The Board of Directors elects Lúcia Willadino Braga as Executive Director of the SARAH Network.

    SARAH Salvador


    Continuing with the expansion, another center is inaugurated — SARAH Salvador, in Bahia State.

  • SARAH Belo Horizonte

    SARAH Belo Horizonte is expanded and equipped with state of the art technology, in fulfillment of the goal to broaden the treatment offered to the southeastern population of Brazil.

  • International reputation

    As part of the commemoration of its 450 years, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, in France, awards Dr. Lúcia Willadino Braga an Honorary Doctorate for her body of work.  Dr. Braga has worked at the SARAH Network since the start of her professional trajectory.

  • The Year 2000 Conference on Brain Injury

    By now internationally renown as an institution for science and research, the SARAH Network hosts the International Brain Injury Association’s Year 2000 Conference on Brain Injury in Brasilia.

  • SARAH Fortaleza

    The first center focused exclusively on neurorehabilitation is inaugurated: SARAH Fortaleza.

  • 24th Annual Mid-Year Meeting - International Neuropsychological Society

    The SARAH Network hosts the International Neuropsychological Society’s 24th Annual Mid-year Conference in Brasilia, and further expands its collaboration with the world’s most important research centers.

  • A Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Rio de Janeiro

    The Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, on Pombeba Island in Rio de Janeiro, opens.  With the inauguration of the International Center for Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation, these facilities evolved to include neurocognitive rehabilitation as well as rehabilitative sports played outdoors, in nature.

  • 1st International Congress on Neurosciences and Rehabilitation

    SARAH’s International Center for Neuroscience, located on the shores of North Lake, is the site of the 1st International Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Congress.


  • SARAH Method

    A new publication comes out on the neurorehabilitation method developed by the SARAH Network, with scientifically proven results, an approach that includes the patient’s family and life circumstances in the neurodevelopment process. The guiding principle is to value what still exists, not what was lost. This method gains international recognition and is adopted in various countries.


  • SARAH Macapá

    A neurorehabilitation center is inaugurated in Macapá using the same methodology that was created at SARAH and spread internationally: a project focused on treating the child with the family’s active involvement.

  • Consolidation of the Network

    Lucia Willadino Braga, whose ground-breaking work in neurorehabilitation garnered national and international recognition, is appointed President of the SARAH Network.

    SARAH Belém

    A new facility for treating children with cerebral palsy opens, representing further expansion of the model already consolidated in other countries.

  • 5th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation

    The SARAH Network hosts the annual congress of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation, with the participation of representatives from 74 countries: the 5th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation.

  • International Center for Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation - Rio de Janeiro

    Inauguration of the SARAH Network’s International Center for Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation, in Rio de Janeiro, fulfills the ideal that began with the opening of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, on Pombeba Island.

  • Looking towards the future

    The Network is in a constant state of transformation and evolution, always improving and striving, exploring new scientific discoveries, embracing ideas brought forth by new generations and technological advancements, while preserving the principles that enabled SARAH’s trajectory. This is the Institution’s greatest legacy for the future.



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