Our Principles


Create a rehabilitation network that
understands the human being as an agent of recovery,
rather than an object onto which techniques are applied.

Work towards ensuring that all individuals are treated
based on their potential, not their limitations.

Experience/Approach multidisciplinary work
in healthcare as a unified body of knowledge, techniques
and attitudes aimed at generating a humanistic rehabilitation

Transform each person into an active proponent of
his or her own health.

Act in society to prevent disability, while combating
prejudice about limitations and differences because,
after all, life is characterized by infinite variations of
form that shift over time.

Value innovative initiatives and the sharing of
experiences, both in education and research, stimulating
the creativity of individuals and groups, thereby
fomenting knowledge.

Improve the quality of services rendered to an
increasingly greater number of individuals, through the
efficient application of resources and the continued
education and training of its employees.

Repay Brazilian citizens some of their income taxes
by offering free, quality health and rehabilitation services.



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