Continuing Education

The SARAH Network offers opportunities for you to expand your knowledge in various areas pertaining to your profession.  The following Continuing Education Programs are available:

  • Intership Program - Metacognitive Dimension (MCD)

    The aim of this program is to develop activities that further professional training and education, to expand knowledge, expertise and the advancement of rehabilitation. We currently offer an Internship Program for college students or working professionals with backgrounds in rehabilitation-related fields.

    This program is offered in cooperation with the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR), who is invested in the advancement of university student interested in the rehabilitation of brain injury.

    Interns in the MCD program participate in social interaction activities with children and adolescents with brain injury. These exchanges are mediated by a variety of tools, such as video games, 3D games, board games, etc. The goal is not simply to teach, but also to promote cooperative learning for joint benefit. The MCD Program helps preadolescents with acquired brain injury develop metacognitive strategies and improve self-concept, as well as empower them in their social relationships.

    The social mediation activities are supervised and guided by a team of rehabilitation psychologists.

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  • Continuing Education / Advanced Training for Areas of Specialization

    This program consists in theoretical-practical activities aimed at technical training as well as advancement in medical specialties and paramedical fields.

    The duration of each project varies depending on the participant’s goal and on the SARAH Network’s availability.

    Continuing education/advanced training for areas of specialization aims at providing opportunities to engage in hands-on activities associated with rehabilitation and interdisciplinary work within a professional setting that favors greater understanding and experience of the Institution’s philosophical principles, as well as an exchange of knowledge pertaining to the procedures, technological resources and work methods adopted by the SARAH Network.

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