Our Teams

Our teams comprise professionals from different fields who work together within an interdisciplinary approach. We assess each patient’s clinical status and treat the individual as a whole, rather than the sum of disconnected data from diverse specialties. Teams are also active in support, research and prevention projects.

The teams also consist of physicians from different areas, such as neurology, genetics, urology, clinical and surgical pathology, internal medicine, pediatrics orthopedics, radiology, general surgery, neurophysiology and neurosurgery, together with a large paramedical staff:  physical therapists, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, teachers, nutritionists, pharmacists, biologists, social workers, physical education trainers, dance instructors, and art teachers.

All of the professionals are hired through a rigorous public selection process and, when they begin their employment at the SARAH Network, receive additional on-the-job training.  They regularly attend continuing education courses, ensuring the quality of the health care rendered.